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Below is a list of slideshows and videos taken by SOK members, mostly on local rivers and at local beaches. Click a title to open the viewer. You can also find some additional pictures and videos on the Facebook Group.

Beginning kayak class on the Rogue - Stills of the 2010 class on the Rogue River as students and instructors go through Argo rapid.

Surfing Sunset Bay (video) - Surfing in Sunset Bay during or after Winter storms. It's a great surfing spot when the surf outside it way too large, like 20-30 feet! There are 4 clips, including the last one which is a news story from KCBY.

West Fork Millicoma - Some nice pics of Henry's Falls, Triple Drop, and The Green Wall, taken April of 2010.

Umpqua River, Sawyers Rapid - These were taken in February, 2005.

Rogue River, Wild & Scenic 2004 - Most of these are of camps and show what it's like to take an overnight trip.

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Rogue River, Wild & Scenic 2003 - Pictures of the intermediate kayaking class on the Wild & Scenic.